Homophobes suspend hetero teacher over homosexual animals

November 9, 2009

Bigotry….goddamn bigotry is responsible for this sort of crap. What a load of garbage.

If you haven’t already guessed, I came across the suspension of a Southwestern high school teacher who’s been suspended for showing his students an article about documented homosexual behavior in animals. (Considering the family dog has a tendency to hump anything within a mile radius, you’d think this would be old news. Well, the article is 3 years old so I guess it is old.) I know it’s been over a week but I haven’t seen any news about anything more recent. Thankfully the students are showing their support and he’s getting paid during the suspension.

It’s not like he went to a propaganda website or magazine and made them read something controversial and unproven. It was Seed, a science and culture magazine which they might already have read. It’s really ridiculous that they could even be discussing discipline. At first I was confused about why an English teacher would bring this up, but it turns out he was doing a unit on critical reading for which he used a piece of non-fiction. You would think that this is an extremely good exercise for students who are dogmatically opposed to homosexuality because they could learn to evaluate an scientific article, but nooooo, it’s too dangerous for their young minds and the teacher became too much of a liability for the spineless administrators to handle. More like ADMINISTRAITORS because they betrayed the trust put forth by the community to provide a comprehensive and factual education to these kids, and instead they bent over forwards and backwards so as not to anger the wing nuts who object to critical thinking.

If anyone has any more updated information on the matter, please leave a comment. I’d like to stay abreast of this.

Janesville, Wisconsin Student Shocks Class by Tearing Page From Bible. Makes a good point, but he’s also an ass.

November 7, 2009

This subject comes up time and time again: Respect for other people’s feelings/beliefs/thoughts and the golden rule of treating others as you would like to be treated.

But it’s total BS.

No one’s opinions, not even mine, should be respected or held above reproach without any evidence or proof. Hell, even with proof there should some questions every so often about whether the evidence was really right or if we made a mistake.

Saying that I should respect your religion is like saying I should respect your opinion that getting the flu vaccine is more dangerous than not getting it. It’s just factually not true, no matter how many anecdotes there are, the data doesn’t lie. My opinion that everyone should be vaccinated should be respected because I can prove I’m right.

That doesn’t mean no one should question me, and I wouldn’t get angry if someone did. I encourage it, in fact, because it only makes me feel more strongly. If someone can prove me wrong, I’d welcome it since it’s worse to be wrong and feel right than to change your mind in the right direction.

Religious people can’t prove anything, so there’s no respect to be had. The fact that they lie to their kids time and time again only serves to make me disrespect them more. I applaud the boy in Janesville, Wisconsin who tore pages out of the bible for showing that he won’t be intimidated by religious beliefs. I hate him though because he sounds like such an ass by saying “you’re stupid little minds”. There’s no need to do that, the message was already clear in his assignment without it. What a douche bag.

I would have ripped a page out of a book about santa claus and said “It’s my book, so what do I care? Santa’s not real, so why shouldn’t I tear the page out?” then do the same thing with the bible, though much much more politely.

Don’t be an ass about it. Leave that to the christian girl who left the school in response to him

God Heals All Ills…

November 7, 2009

For the faithful, of course. For people who don’t have enough faith, however, he just let’s them die right? If someone were to stay at home and pray instead of going to a doctor or hospital, that would show, at least outwardly, that he has the utmost faith that god will help him. Suppose he does have a little remnant of doubt that gnaws at him. God won’t do jack and he’ll die, much like the poor girl with treatable diabetes whose parents were too stupid, stubborn, or trapped by religious beliefs to seek real help.

If the sick person dies, everyone in the religious community can just say “It’s sad, but he wasn’t truly faithful. If he were, he’d be alive.” That’s essentially what people did when the girl died. Apparently the parents just didn’t have enough faith in god. If only they had faith in our knowledge of how the pancreas works.

Here’s my proposal: Everyone who claims to have the utmost faith in god and gets sick should avoid any sort of medical treatment and use faith instead. Provided they don’t have kids, it would certainly cull the population of crazies.

And don’t say that the hospitals and doctors work through god. That’s the same as saying that you don’t trust god enough so you’re hedging your bets by seeking tangible help. I work in health care and I’ve never asked god before doing anything, just consulted peer reviewed literature. Neither the bible, quran, torah, nor any other religious texts count as peer reviewed, not even with 12 apostles.

God and Santa Claus are Real!

July 23, 2009

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I was seriously considering that god might exist. After all, there’s so much literature on him: The Bible, Quran, and Old Testament to name the big three. Plus there’s a ton of extra stuff like stories, hadith, and such. Compared to other subjects, god has quite a bit of literature devoted to describing and praising him.

But so does Santa Claus…

After a single search, I was able to see at a variety of poetry and stories written by many people, all describing old Saint Nick. Just like with god, there are a few versions of him. There’s a younger one, older one, skinny and fat, much like Elvis, but much more intangible. There are so many songs, movies, and TV shows that portray Chris Cringle that it’s hard to deny his existence.

After all, no one can disprove that he’s real, right?

Afraid of Religious People

July 20, 2009

You probably hear often that atheists are inherently immoral, but this has already been proven false. It’s the religious, god-fearing people we should really be afraid of. Just think about what happens to people who, at times, question their religious belief.

You start out with an upright religious citizen who follows a moral code according to god every day of his life. During a particularly trying time in his life, he feels abandoned by god and stops believing. All of a sudden he’s left without any guidance or moral code to follow. He thinks “There’s no god or objective morality, so I can do whatever I want.” He then goes on to murder, rape, and steal because there are no far reaching consequences.

I wouldn’t ever want to be around religious people for this reason. You never know when they might stop believing and lose their morality. Your own neighbor may be one hair away from snapping and going on a killing spree, but you’d never know until it’s too late.

If you have any sense whatsoever, you’d realize that this is nonsense. People don’t just lose their morality when they stop believing in god(s), temporarily or for life. It’s ludicrous to think like that.

When you realize how foolish the earlier argument was, you’ll realize why it’s easy for atheists to be moral.

Fat Cat Sleeps in Lap

July 19, 2009

This fat cat is so cute when he’s sleeping in my lap. I couldn’t bear to wake him. But look how big he is!

Cute Cats! Two best buddies grooming.

July 16, 2009

These two cats are best friends. The black and white one just loves to groom the orange and white one. They’re always together.


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